During fall 2012, I’m focusing on a series of workshops aimed at breaking away from a standardized skill-set. The following workshops are ones I feel can aid an ensemble or performer break through to new levels of growth. If you are looking for some of my other workshops, please contact me directly.

Starting Out Strong

The beginnings of shows should be more than a chance to create chaos or fulfill some requirement of your format. Those beginning minutes of a show are a chance to check in with your ensemble, to find and agree on the focus and direction of your show, and hopefully, to invite the audience to come on the journey with you rather than confusing them. This workshop uses techniques to unify and strengthen your ensemble’s openings.

Session Length: 3 hours
Student Cap: 12 students

Higher Forms of Agreement

Saying “Yes and” is more than agreement to the facts of the scene. True support relies on saying yes to every level of the scene. Making the leap to great shows requires going beyond simple listening skills and learning to be aware of all the spoken and unspoken gifts all around you. This workshop teaches ways to listen beyond the spoken word, to truly support your partner and the scene even if it means uttering the forbidden word “no”.

Session Length: 3 hours
Student Cap: 16 students

The Math of Improv

Left-brained thinking is great for analytical, logical, critical thinking. But it can also be a bit judgmental, which is why beginning performers turn it off for a while so they can learn to embrace the imaginative, creative parts of their brains without self-doubt. Once that creative part of the brain learns to thrive, however, most of us never allow the left brain to come out to play. That’s only playing with half the tools available to you. Improv – like any art – is filled with beautiful patterns and symmetries; volume, stage position, and status – they’re all variables which can be toyed with in a beautiful equation. This workshop teaches players not to be ashamed of their analytical gifts, but to learn how to apply them in all of their work to build stronger more cohesive shows.

Session Length: 3 hours
Student Cap: 12 students

Customized Workshops

Each ensemble faces different challenges as time goes on. Custom workshops can be created for groups ranging from a few hours to a week long session to focus on the specific needs of your group.

Session Length: Variable
Student Cap: Variable