Thanks ColdTowne

24 hours in Texas

Big thanks to everyone who made my super-brief stay in Austin so wonderful, expecially to Mr. Cody Dearingwho was at the airport with me in the middle of the night, not once, but twice. It was definitely a break-neck trip with only 26 hours in Texas between my Friday night Purple Monkey Dishwasher show and my Sunday morning Euphonious coaching.

Coldtowne is a fantastic venue the east side of downtown. I was excited to teach two workshops back-to-back in the space. I knew a few of the students including my good friend and amazing teacher John Ratliff, but most of them were new to the ideas I was bringing. One student even came down from San Antonio for the classes. She was the only short-form performer in the classes, but she brought an amazing amount of emotional depth to her characters – proving again that players from different backgrounds can create great things together.

After a quick and delicious country fried steak, I went was honored to be invited back to the theater that night to sit in with local group The Frank Mills. I’ve enjoyed watching The Frank Mills for several years and once even opened for them during the 2006 Out of Bounds Festival with Apollo 12, which is a nice pairing considering how much both teams celebrate their knowledge of pop-culture. Our show was based largely on A Few Good Men.


Pick your poison

After a quick visit to Grand – the only bar I’ve ever been to that serves both Animal Crackers and cigarettes out of the same vending machine – and a birthday party for…. someone(?), I got some rest and hit the road back to Phoenix.

If you live in Austin, go watch shows at ColdTowne and all the other fantastic theaters in your city; they’re an amazing cultural resource. And take classes, you’ll be learning from the best.

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