“Bill is the pioneer of improv in Arizona. He has taken a community of basically no improvisers and transformed it into a major player in the improv community. Under Bill’s guidance and teachings I’ve seen the Torch Theatre and the Phoenix Improv Festival grow to be one of the great improv cities. I highly recommend Bill!”
–Nick Armstrong – Director ImprovUtopia

“Bill Binder’s genuine passion for long-form improv and charismatic teaching style has deepened my appreciation and enthusiasm for the artform. I highly recommend taking classes from him. He will allow you to see the beauty and potential in every character, relationship, and situation in every scene.”
–Angelie Meehan – Student

“Improvaganza, the Hawaii Festival of Improvisation, had the pleasure of hosting Bill Binder’s workshop on effective opening sequences for improv shows. As the educational director for Improvaganza, I’ve gotten to watch a wide variety of different kinds of workshops. I found Mr. Binder’s workshop to be one of the best planned, best organized and most informative workshops we’ve ever offered. Virtually everything he taught was new to our students and extremely useful. By the end of the two hour session, they left with concrete new tools that they could apply immediately to their improvised work. In addition to this, our students had a great time. Its wonderful when a group of students can have both “a-ha!” moments and moments of great fun at the exact same time. That was the sort of experience I saw our students having during Mr. Binder’s workshop. I highly recommend him as a teacher. I believe your students will get just as much out of his workshops as mine did.”
–R. Kevin Doyle – Education Director Improvaganza

“Bill Binder’s ability to see & develop connections is uncanny, and best of all he is able to share this insight to help you, the student, form a more complete, big picture, understanding of his beloved artform, long form improv.  His expertise, passion & coaching style will engage you and help direct you and your ensemble to new creative possibilities.  Bill’s sideline technique of questions, suggestions & critiques quickly help you to develop & deepen your characters, emotions & story. If Bill Binder is teaching a class, my suggestion is…..TAKE IT!”
–Jeanne Mohammadian – Student

“I love Bill Binder’s style of teaching. He has a unique ability to help students achieve things you wouldn’t think are possible, through step by step coaching and breaking things into individual tasks. I feel I’ve advanced greatly under his direction. In working with our group, he acts as a “bird on our shoulder”, coaching us through scenes and providing words of encouragement along the way. I can confidently recommend Bill for any teaching opportunity under consideration.”
–Tim Corzine – Student

“The hook that many improv teachers use to encourage their students is that their lesson will make improvising easier. I agree that Bill Binder’s Longform Openings workshop makes improvising easier, and more importantly, it helps make the work better.

Bill shared his belief that the opening is an invitation to the audience as well as the foundation and idea generator for the piece. It was the first time I found Invocation helpful as we threw out a large net to discover what mattered, then Bill guided us to find the reasons why they mattered and how they could apply to the show.

Bill is passionate and very patient when teaching. We had different levels of experience in our group and he was inclusive of all questions while keeping a firm grip on the goals of the workshop. Outside of the workshop, Bill has remained generous with his time and encouragement. He continues to promote improv as an art that is fun, but not exclusively funny.”
–Stephanie Kuroda – Student