ColdTowne Journey


It seems like only yesterday that I was in Austin, TX for the Out of Bounds Festival. I love Austin and I love the amazing improv community in Austin.

I’m very excited to be returning this weekend to teach a series of classes at ColdTowne Theater. ColdTowne and The Torch have been great friends for years,  building a great relationship between our two cities.  Both cities have grown incredibly in the years I met Arthur, Michael and Justin thanks to an incredible dedication from so many performers.

I’ll be teaching my higher forms of agreement and math workshops this Saturday at 3:15pm and 5:30pm respectively. You can sign up now.

I hope to see folks out there during my visit to ColdTowne – as well as my requisite visits to Valero for my favorite energy beverage and I Video next door. If you live in Austin, you have no excuse not to visit them as well, this weekend or any time.


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