Austin City Limits

The Hideout Theatre at Out of Bounds

The Out of Bounds Comedy Festival is definitely growing to be one of the largest festivals in the country, especially now that they’ve added stand-up and sketch comedy to the lineup.  Unlike some festivals which localize the events, OOB ties to get shows spread to every part of town with shows at The Hideout, ColdTowne, The Velveeta Room, The Institution, Scottish Rite and The New Movement. It’s a great approach to raising awareness of improv in a city, even if it can be a bit difficult for a visiting performer without transportation.

In many ways, Austin should be a model for younger improv towns. Their many theatre groups have different styles and philosophies including Johnstonian narrative, shortform, and influences from iO and UCB. Despite the different styles, Austin groups celebrate their different approaches and work to promote all flavors of improv to both their students and audience members. What results is both more well rounded and informed performers and a general public with a richer awareness and vocabulary for quality improv in their town. No one tries to pigeonhole improv into their own definition.

Jeremy Sweeetlamb and the many other dedicated people in Austin made this a great large scale festival to help improv grow everywhere. It was an honor to be involved.



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